How do I organise my car?

When you’re commuting long hours, running family or business errands, or driving for work, sometimes the car can start to feel more like a second home. A second home that can be a nightmare to try and find things, or fit everything in!

No matter if you’re on a road trip, or just a trip down the road, getting your car organized for what you need is a total game-changer. We’ve found the best organization hacks to get your car organized.

Try these tips to organize your car, and see the difference!

Have your essential items in reach, charge on the go and keep your floor space clear, with these clever car organization tips. Sometimes it can feel like your car is a second home. With long commutes, running errands or going between hobbies and activities, driving for work or on a road trip. The car often turns into a bit of a dumping ground, with spare clothes, sporting equipment, drink bottles, and other bits and pieces. When it comes to finding something important, you can often find yourself scrambling behind or under the seats, squeezing your fingers down beside the doors or under the glove box, and often finding a handful of other items you didn’t know were there in the first place!

Journidock with phone and gps desk for car and truck

Step 1: Know what you want

Think about how you use your car. Organizing the family run-around car will be different from organizing your car for work or a road trip.

We’ve gone the distance, to search for the best tips and hacks to get your car organized for good. Check out our favorite tricks below.

When you’re on the road, do you need… 

  • to charge on the go? 
  • find your sunglasses in a hurry? 
  • to have your center console arranged? 
  • or somewhere to put your rubbish if you’re eating on a long drive?

Have the essentials in arms reach

There are several car organizers and car accessories that can help with this. Turn unused spaces into organized compartments, or use clever accessories to keep the essential close. You can check out the full range of specialty car accessories at Super Auto Merch here, or take a look at some of our top picks below; 

  • Sunglasses holder 
  • Phone holder 
  • Wireless cup holder charger 
  • Car back seat organizer
  • Center console and seat organizers.

Make the most of unused space71001 oncar 02

The spaces on either side of the seats are often a dead zone, more often than not known for magically disappearing any pen, earring, coin, or device that happens to slip off the seat and into the depths. Not to mention the center console, which even with the very best intentions usually ends up with a strange arrangement of items from breath mints to bobby pins, broken pens, and old parking tickets.

BUT, there’s hope. With clever car organizers like the seat organizer and center console organizer from Super Auto Merch, you can reclaim the space between the seats, and your center console, to organize your car. The clever designs allow you to compartmentalize and separate your items, so you can keep track of what you have, and access it when you need it. A top tip to keep your car organized, and save you from trying to reach into the depths of the chair spaces ever again.

Get magnetized. Organizing your car means thinking outside the box to turn unused space into something useful, and magnets can turn a simple surface into a usable space.

The magnetic sunglasses holder

shades gifKeep your sunglasses handy with this sunglasses holder that clips right onto your sun visor. Have easy access to your sunnies, and keep track of loose change, bobby pins, or even house or office keys using the case’s magnetic rim.

Ultra-strong magnetic phone holder

Keep your phone in a stable place where it’s safe, accessible, and functional, with the magnetic phone holder. One of the most popular car accessories in Australia, the magnetic phone holder ensures a stronghold, even on the bumpiest trips.

Charge it all, on the go

DtebTydX4AAju aThis is a must-have car accessory for the on-the-go lifestyle. The wireless car charger cup is the ultimate compact, all-in-one charger for phones (wireless charging for most iPhone and Android phones), AirPods, and anything else you need, with dual USB charging points. You can save space and give your devices the juice they need, with this charger that fits snugly into your drink holder.


With an organized car, you can have everything you need at an arm’s reach, and off the floor.

Remember to check in now and again and clean out your car organizers too. Old parking tickets and receipts, pens, drink bottles, and other everyday use items can begin to pile up and make things messy or unorganized. A quick clean-out now and again will keep your car tidy, fresh, and organized, ready for your next adventure.

Back Seat Organisers

Keep the back seat organised and tidy, and easily access what you need with the ultimate car seat back organisers. These organisers fit seamlessly to the driver and passengers seat, providing the ideal road trip set up for the back seat — with sections for tablet devices, drink bottles, tissues or nappy packets, umbrellas, small items and more. If you need it on the road, you can store it in this organise

Keep it clean

Once you’ve got your belongings organised or your drive and activities, you can easily clean down surfaces, seats and floors. Give your car some ultimate TLC with a clean inside and out, you won’t believe it’s the same car! Check out the top car cleaning tools and accessories from Super Auto Merch, including detergent free plush cleaning cloth, compact car vacuum cleaner, nook and cranny duster and more.

Want more?

For more clever car organising tips and ideas, check out the full range of car organisers available at Super Auto Merch here.

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