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Keep your car repairs and maintenance simple with these specialty DIY car repairs tools.

Car repairs and maintenance can be tricky at times, working in low-lit, tight spaces — but with the right tools, you can save time, energy, and save yourself a headache. Several do-it-yourself car maintenance and repairs can be carried out at home with do-it-yourself car repair tools, saving you time and money, and keeping your ride looking great. Get your car in shape again, with these essential DIY car repair and specialty tools.

Mini car dent remover

The ultimate DIY car repair specialty tool, the mini car dent remover will save you money and get your car looking gorgeous again. Do it yourself car repair, the mini car dent remover works on stone dents and small dents in your car’s bodywork. Remove dents by hand in minutes with this DIY car repair tool.

Glass repair liquid

Windscreen and car glass cracks can be distracting and unsightly, not to mention worrying. With this DIY car glass repair liquid, glass cracks disappear before your eyes. In as little as 20-30minutes, Glass repair liquid can stop the crack from spreading and restore your glass or windshield to near-new condition.

Waterproof LED light work gloves

One of our most popular car repair and specialty tools, the waterproof LED light work gloves are perfect for hands-on, do-it-yourself car repairs and maintenance work, to light your work area at all times. Easier than holding a flashlight under your arm or chin, and more precise than a head torch, the waterproof LED light work gloves allow you to get light and access to hard to reach places for repairs, maintenance, and cleaning.

Flexi Shaft drill extension

Get the job done, at any angle with this must-have car specialty tool. An extensions tool that can be twisted, bent, and rotated at different angles, letting you get in and get the job done. One of our most popular specialty car tools, the Flexi shaft drill extension allows you to drill in small spaces and reach hard to get at places for all of your DIY car repairs.

Universal torque wrench headset

This compact specialty car repair tool is the perfect all-rounder tool to give you an adaptable grasp on screw heads, wing nuts, stipped nuts, bolts, hexes, and hooks. Its compact size means it's easy to store in the car, so you have the tools for the job, no matter where you are.

Get your specialty car repair tools today 

At Super Auto Merch, we provide a range of high-quality, specialty DIY car repair tools Australia-wide. Become a do-it-yourself car repair master, with the right tools for the job. Our car repair and specialty tools will give you a boost for all of your DIY car repairs and maintenance, helping you get in hard-to-reach places, see clearly in low light, and fix small dents and cracks with ease.

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