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We sell the best car cleaning tools, for interior and exterior cleaning, for on the go quick cleans to deep cleaning and detailing. For the best car cleaning items, we’ve got the tools for you. Cleaning your car’s interior has never been easier, with compact and powerful tools designed specially to fit in tight and hard-to-reach places of your car with ease. Keep your exterior looking great with a multifunctional hose nozzle and drill scrubber brush kit. Keep your car looking pristine from every angle with the best car cleaning tools and accessories for the job. At Super Auto Merch, find a range of car cleaning items for:

Compact car vacuum cleaner

Get into hard-to-reach spaces and small gaps, with the compact car vacuum cleaner. Finally get rid of those small piles of dust and dirt that build up in the crevices between the door, under the seat, or next to the center console. Get rid of dirt, crumbs, pet hair, and dust for good. This specialty car cleaning tool is designed to fit within small and compact spaces, so you can reach every angle of your car. Give your car a deep clean or a quick once over, with specialty attachments for all of your car cleaning needs.

Plush car washing glove 

Perfect for cleaning your car’s interior surfaces, the plush car washing glove doesn't require water or detergent. A specialty car cleaning tool, the plush car cleaning glove is made from a plush cloth and wool material, giving you a great cleaning job, without soap or detergent.

Love a clean car? Store your plush car washing glove in the glove box or seat pocket to have it literally on hand, wherever you go.

Nook and cranny duster 

Give your car some TLC, and get into those hard-to-reach, often overlooked spaces. The Nook and cranny duster is a great car cleaning tool for when you’re on the go.

Say goodbye to dust in crevices and crannies.

Small enough to fit neatly into the glove box or center console, make the most of waiting in the car for school pick-ups, between errands, or take a quick 5 minutes before you set off. The nook and cranny car cleaning duster gets dust from in between air conditioning vents, in small compartments, and between tight spaces, leaving your car sparkling from every angle.

Multi-purpose hose spray nozzle 

Have your car looking spotless in no time. With eight kinds of water settings, this ultra-durable hose nozzle is the ultimate exterior car cleaning tool. Wash away the weekend adventures and get set for the week, clean dust and mud, and keep windows bug-free. Use it with hot or cold water, and rotate the nozzle to select your water flow pattern, depending on your cleaning needs.

Give your car some TLC, with the best car cleaning tools 

At Super Auto Merch, we provide a range of high-quality, specialty DIY car cleaning items and ship Australia-wide. Give your car some love, and scrub, with Super Auto Merch car cleaning tools.

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