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Make sure you have what you need on the drive, when you need it, with the best car accessories on offer.

Whether you drive for work, have long commutes, or are planning a road trip, when you spend a lot of time in the car, it’s the little things that end up making a huge difference. We’re here to help you find the right car accessories for your drive. Easily manage music and audio, reach your drink bottle or coffee, and find your sunglasses, tissues, or gum with ease… when you’re on the road, these become the things that matter. Organize your ride in style, with Australia’s best car accessories from Super Auto Merch, designed to keep your drive as smooth as possible.

Charging on the go

This is a must-have car accessory for the on-the-go lifestyle. The cup holder charger fits into your car’s drink holder and provides smart charging for phones (wireless charging for most iPhone and Android phones), AirPods charger, and dual USB charging points, so you can keep everything powered, while you’re on the move. Save space and keep all of your essentials in one place, with this essentials charger that fits snugly into your drink holder.

Maps, music, and the mix

Keep your phone in a stable place where it’s safe, accessible, and functional, with the magnetic phone holder. One of the most popular car accessories in Australia, the magnetic phone holder ensures a stronghold, even on the bumpiest trips.

Wherever you’re going, we have the car accessories you need to take you there.

Don’t waste time pulling over to search under the seat or in a handbag for your phone. Simply set up your magnetic car phone holder before you go and save yourself the worry.

Lost keys?

Say no to lost keys, with our Bluetooth anti-loss tracker car accessory, available in a range of colors.

Stay organized

Make sure what you need is always in reach with a range of car accessories to organize your space. Find car accessories to keep your car organized and tidy, with the back of seat organizers, center console car organizers, magnetic sunglasses holder, and more.

Bring out your personality

When your car becomes a second home, bring a bit of your style on the road with you. Charge your phone, play music, keep your drinks cool with a cooler that fits in the drink holder, or plugin a mini disco light and get the party started. Personalize your car, with our wide range of car accessories to suit your needs. Make your car feel at home with the best selection of customizable car accessories.

Australia’s one-stop for car accessories

Looking for the best car accessories in Melbourne? Want to organize your car with car accessories in Perth? Looking to add a personal touch with car accessories for Sydney? We sell Australia’s favorite car accessories, no matter what you’re looking for, look to Super Auto Merch.

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